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To our incredible supporters of The Hunted: NYCSS, THANK YOU!

Your support for our work makes us do a happy dance. And more importantly, it allows us to plow ahead in our work to finish this new media action comedy.

One of the purposes of this project was for artists to get a chance to develop new skills while working on the show. We had crew members on set and in post production taking on new positions and completely rocking it. It has been a joy to be leading this team, and we are so thankful for everyone’s positivity, patience, and drive.

And here’s a little update on our progress…

Just in time for the New Year, we incorporated our FINAL VFX shot from our Visual Effect guru Bob.

We are working with a local artist, Kim, on an animated sequence to be included in one of our episodes, as well as our opening credits.

(FYI… it’s going to look SO cool.)

Our director/editor Crystal will now be focusing on final touches for coloring.

Just last week our hard drive was delivered to our sound editor, Ash. She began her work TODAY!

And now, since we raised over $6,000 with your help, we can book our recording sessions for ADR! This will be a fun part of the process as some of our actors will be recording extra lines and fights sounds for our action scenes. (We will be following SAG protocols for Covid safety during ADR recording.)

While we’re finishing the show we will also be building our festival submission materials and continuing to share sneak peaks on our social media pages.

We can’t wait for you to see the show. Thank you for joining our team and making it possible for us to complete The Hunted: NYCSS.

You’re the best.

Keep being badass.


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